Aerial Yoga Tips and Benefits – An Intro Guide to Flying High in Yoga Class

As free and graceful as an acrobat, you dip, soar, and stretch, held aloft by a silk hammock. You feel weightlessness as you transition into the next asana, experiencing heightened mindfulness, connection, and strength while practicing a new kind of yoga: aerial yoga. Okay, in reality your first go at aerial yoga may not be […]

Give Yoga a Chance: Top 5 Reasons to Open Your Mind to the Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Are you truly happy with how you feel in your body from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed? As we age, it’s harder to feel great all day, especially in our jobs, playing with our kids, and just doing regular day-to-day tasks. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up […]

Which Yoga Class Is Best for You? Find Your Zen at Core Fusion

Maybe you are tired of feeling achy every morning, like you’re years beyond your physical age. Perhaps you’re coming off an injury and just want to do some light exercise to help you become reacquainted with your body. Or maybe you’ve been doing yoga for some time now and are ready for a change. Wherever […]

What Is Pilates? A Brief History and Guide to One of America’s Favorite Forms of Exercise

In America, many trends seem to come and go. Fashion, exercise, food, and slang – we all follow the tide of fads as they wash over cultures across many generations. However, some trends never fade away because more than just being trendy, they are important to our growth as humans. Pilates was a trend that […]

Why Do Pilates? Top 5 Ways You Can Stretch Your Way Towards Better Health

Ever since Pilates was established nearly 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates of Germany, men and women alike throughout the decades have caught on to the copious benefits this low-impact exercise helps them achieve. From gaining improved inner-body connectedness to enhancing overall strength, Pilates is an asset to anyone who practices it, regardless of fitness […]