Getting Started

Pilates Training in Southlake, Texas – Get Started On Developing a Whole New You

Chronic pain, stiff muscles, and sagging waist lines can make our bodies feel like a prison, but training at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga in Southlake, Texas will liberate you. Reclaim physical and mental freedom by honoring your body and celebrating the journey of exercise with our unique, encouraging program.

Is Pilates Training Right for You?

Pilates is a highly effective program that sparks astounding changes in many of our clients. Here at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, all kinds of people, from pro-athletes and chronic pain patients to people just wanting to get stronger for life, converge in a community where wellness is a common goal.

Pilates could be a great fit for you if you’ve been seeking:

Pilates training is for everyone. Most people with contraindications will need private sessions. We have particular expertise in private Pilates training that is tailored to your specific goals.

Some conditions such as osteoporosis or spinal stenosis are contraindications, meaning that we’ll need to adapt Pilates exercises for you. We are trained to work with most issues by modifying the exercises to suit each individual’s needs. Always check with your family doctor first before starting a new exercise program.

If Pilates seems like your best shot at balanced fitness, check out how to prepare for Pilates exercise in our studio.

Start Pilates training in Southlake, Texas at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga for classes that prioritize your health and happiness. Call or e-mail us today to schedule a free consultation.