Pilates Instructors in Southlake, Texas – A Great Teacher Paves the Way

Pilates is an intuitive, holistic method of exercise that has helped thousands of people achieve exceptional fitness and improved well-being. But you need a great teacher to get you there. Look to the Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga instructors of Southlake, Texas to guide you – mind, body, and soul – as you achieve new levels of fitness, physical independence, and happiness.

Meet Our Compassionate, Qualified Instructors

Our highly experienced Pilates instructors are required to undergo a rigorous 500-hour training certification while they are instructing you. Regain your youth, vitality, and strength through the diverse background and expertise that each Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga instructor provides.

Wendy Compagnone – As the founder of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, it is Wendy’s unwavering vision that keeps us focused on reducing the inevitable aches and pains of life that accompany athletics and the aging process. Wendy particularly enjoys helping active and retired professional athletes, such as football players, practice Pilates for optimum physical performance and recovery. Whether you need to perform at your peak, want to trim down, or are recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery, Wendy’s engaging, upbeat program gets you on the fast track to enjoying life.

Karen Bowman – Karen offers a wellspring of orthopedic experience. Originally trained as a physical therapist and still practicing with the Baylor Hospital Group, she recognizes that Pilates is most effective when you exercise using correct structural alignment. Karen excels at adapting hundreds of Pilates movements to the physical and fitness levels of her clients, making each session productive and fun.

Heather Atendido – Heather embodies the potential success story in all of us. She didn’t start out with a career in fitness, but quickly realized how restorative Pilates is for your entire being. Believing that people always evolve, Heather’s enthusiasm for Pilates keeps her clients working happily toward bettering themselves.

Emily Armstrong – Emily taught and practiced Pilates throughout college, then became a reformer instructor, eventually receiving numerous Pilates certifications from Balanced Body University in California. She works with clients at all levels, and especially enjoys training rehab and post-pregnancy clients.

For a balanced, complete approach to total well-being, the Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga instructors in Southlake, Texas are here for you. Call us today to speak to an instructor or schedule a free consultation.