5 Benefits of Pilates for Men: Reasons Why Guys Should Try This Female-Dominated Workout

Pilates and Yoga Benefits for Men – What’s in It for That Y Chromosome?Whether you are a man or have a man in your life whom you would love to inspire to try Pilates, we want to make one thing clear: Pilates is not just for women. Far from it, Pilates was founded back in the early 1900s by a tough German athlete named Joseph Pilates. Joseph was a gymnast, boxer, and bodybuilder who was captured in an English internment camp during World War I with other German citizens. He literally created “Pilates” to help himself and his follow inmates remain healthy and strong during the internment. After he was released, he moved to New York with his wife and Pilates as we know it, more or less, took off like wildfire.

So, no, Pilates isn’t a fad workout or just for ballet. It is hard, core-busting, muscle-sculpting work. Are you tough enough for it? Before you try it, check out these top five benefits of Pilates for men.

  1. Hone Forgotten Muscle Groups – Like many people, you simply have some muscles that you use more often than others. These prominent muscles are stronger than others. Fortunately, when you practice Pilates, you will get a chance to focus on the muscles that are usually neglected. By emphasizing core strength, you learn to move in mindful ways that build those muscles the core supports.
  2. Improve Your Flexibility – If you were to only lift weights to increase muscle mass, you could become less flexible. However, through the unique approach of Pilates the stretching and resistance training you’ll encounter will actually prevent injuries and muscle strain, all while increasing your range of motion.
  3. Get a Killer Six Pack – Get that Holy Grail of a chiseled six-pack with Pilates! Maybe you’ve tried countless crunches and ab-targeting exercises, but to no avail. Because Pilates is entirely focused on the abdominal muscles and core work, your transverse abdominals will eventually give way to a sexy six-pack when you stick with Pilates classes.
  4. Improve Your Sex Life – Your new set of muscular abs will definitely get your foot in the door with new dates, but Pilates will improve your sex life beyond physical attraction. Pilates also helps strengthen your pelvic floor and the pubococcygeal, which is responsible for urination and ejaculation. You can imagine the benefits you’ll glean from these enhanced muscles. And you’re welcome.
  5. Feel an Energy Boost and Sweat Less – You may have experienced leaving your gym feeling miserable, drained, and sweaty. In Pilates, you’ll come away with a completely different experience. You will sweat less, especially compared to weightlifting and cardio. Plus, because Pilates also relies on timing breath with the movements, you gain a sense of relaxation and mindfulness that is rejuvenating, on and off the mat.

So, how about it, men? Are you ready for a hardcore challenge? Jump on these benefits of Pilates for men and join the ladies for life-changing classes at Core Fusion. For more info, contact us today.