5 Daily Tips to Keep Any New Year’s Resolution List and Inspire a New You

That time has come again. With the ringing in of the new year, you compiled an extensive New Year’s resolution list, covering all goals ranging from reading more books to dropping that soda habit. You’re determined to become a new you, but how do you make your resolutions stick for 2019? We have 5 five daily steps to set you off on the right path to crushing your New Year’s resolution list and achieving your dreams.

  1. Be Quiet – You’ll find great power in silence. In today’s world we are so bombarded with distractions, technology, and the drive to multi-task. Take the time to practice daily meditation techniques or dedicate yourself to prayer – whichever form of achieving silence you’re into.

    After committing yourself to being silent and present for a few minutes a day, you’ll start to notice how your mind frees itself up to focus on the more important things in life with calmness and patience.

  2. Visualize Success – One key to working toward goals, even when you lack motivation or energy, is to visualize success. See yourself in command of your eating habits or finishing your master’s degree. Maybe create a vision board, complete with pictures that inspire you or that symbolize what your life will look like when you’ve reached that goal. Feel it in your mind every day and work towards that projected image.
  3. Believe in Affirmations – Affirmations really do work because they reprogram the brain to think in terms of positivity. In your subconscious mind, all your negative self-talk and worrying can control your actions and ability to seize opportunities as they come along. By voicing daily affirmations, your new positive mindset will help you start finding ways to live the life you dream of.
  4. Count Your Blessings – Similar to affirmations, try to count your blessings daily. Just spend a few minutes each day and write five or ten things you are grateful for. You may find it hard some days to come up with even five, and some days your blessings may spill onto the next page. By doing this, you can thwart despair and boost your morale, even when you feel discouraged.
  5. Do Something for Others – Every day, try to do at least one kind or helpful thing for another person. From opening the door for the customer behind you as you enter a coffee house to complimenting your spouse or truly thanking them for their help in your partnership, get outside of yourself and fill another person up. Practicing the art of giving helps you develop compassion and empathy for others, as well as for yourself.

These five, simple daily tips may seem like inconsequential changes to your day. But when combined, the effect they can have on your mindset is truly life-changing. Apply these new habits to your life and New Year’s resolution list and watch the “new you” flourish throughout 2019. Raise the bar and boost your enthusiasm for this year with our fitness programs as you begin your transformation.