5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Survive the Gauntlet of Party Desserts

The “Holiday Ten” is approaching and you’re worried. You can feel those extra ten pounds creeping up on your midsection with every Christmas cookie platter pushed your way and every holiday party invitation in your inbox. How will you make it through the social commitments and still avoid holiday weight gain?

Never fear, Core Fusion is here! Along with our Pilates classes, heart-pumping yoga, and special holiday challenge, we have five tips to share with you today to help you avoid holiday weight gain.

1. Don’t Deprive Yourself – Yep, you heard us right. Don’t deprive yourself! If you tell yourself you can’t any of the sugary, butter-laden goodies doled out at decadent parties and cookie swaps, you will set yourself up for failure by making yourself more vulnerable to temptation. So, say yes to the cookie, but only have one or two. Moderation will go a long way towards staying slim through the sugariest time of the year.

2. Eat Balanced Meals – If you know you’re going to a party or get-together, don’t skimp on meals in the earlier part of the day. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, complete with protein and whole fruits and vegetables. You’ll fill up early. By the time you approach the decadent dishes at Aunt May’s house, you’ll only want small portions of the good stuff because you are not eating on an empty stomach.

You may also consider munching on an apple or baby carrots on your way to the party to stave off the need to binge on sugar once you arrive.

3. Chew Gum – Much of the high-calorie noshing comes from grazing off the buffet table or tasting bits of cookie and rich snack foods while waiting for the main course. Opt instead to chew spearmint gum while waiting for your meal. Spearmint may help your brain trigger sensors that register fulness and it will give your mouth something to do while you wait for sitting down to eat, followed by the single dessert of your choice.

4. Take Small Bites and Chew Fully – Tasty comfort food is exciting, especially when in the company of friends and family. Instead of enjoying your favorite holiday food by the forkful, try taking smaller bites and chewing each piece fully. You’ll be physically taking in less calories and you’ll be taking longer to eat, helping your body register that it’s full before you go overboard.

5. Exercise Before You Eat – If possible, go for a jog or hit the mat for a yoga session before you attend the fat-filled festivities. By exercising you’ll feel more connected to your body and mind, not to mention proud of taking the time to burn a few calories before taking more in. Exercising an hour or two before the big meal may help you stay mindful about overdoing it on your favorite dishes and desserts.

Keeping the extra pounds at bay throughout the holiday season is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Follow our tips to avoid holiday weight gain and try out our Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge to keep you accountable. For more info on weight loss tips and our winter classes, check out our website.