5 Ways to Spring into Your New Yoga Routine

Give Yoga a Chance: Top 5 Reasons to Open Your Mind to the Amazing Benefits of YogaSpring has sprung and you’re feeling your body yearn for more physical exercise and healthy living. Heed your body’s call and leap into a new yoga routine with the help of Core Fusion. Although getting started can be intimidating, we make it easy with beginner-friendly Core Yoga classes and patient, experienced instructors. To help nudge you in the direction of renewed health, we’re offering five tips today on creating a bountiful routine yoga practice.

  1. Take Baby Steps – Jumping in feet first works for some people, but for many it keeps them from real progress. If you’re new to yoga, skip the name-brand gear, the fancy mat, and the overly complicated classes. Just get some comfortable, loosely-fitting clothes, shed your socks, and use a mat offered to you at your class. Try gentle or beginner yoga first to get comfortable with the asanas or poses. Let your instructor know if you need to modify any exercises and just learn to enjoy the journey.
  2. Be Open to Change – What works for one yogi may not work for you. Feel free to try different yoga studios and classes. Try different styles. Maybe one-on-one is best for you initially instead of classes. Feel free to embrace the fact that this yoga practice is your self-expression, meaning there is no wrong or right way to go about it. Many studios also provide newcomer discounts and coupons, making it easy to try out a studio before you commit.
  3. Buddy Up – Yoga is always more fun with a friend! If you’re new to practice or need someone to help you stay accountable, we suggest sharing your yoga experience with a pal. Choose someone with a similar experience level as you to help get your toes wet in the large pool that is yoga. Having a buddy also gives you emotional and humorous support when you run into snags or have questions.
  4. Try Your Best – Yoga isn’t exactly easy. Yes, many gentle yoga poses are simple or uncomplicated by nature, but the hard part tends to be showing up on your mat week after week. Only through dedication and weekly practice will the benefits truly begin to reveal themselves. For more tips on how to optimize your yoga workouts, check out our daily tips.
  5. Don’t Let Perfection Get in the Way of Progress – Many yogis get caught up sooner or later in their own quest for perfection. Although there are ideal and effective ways to perform each asana, each session really is about your own personal journey. Once you let go of the need for perfection and see that you are instead constantly working towards progress within your own practice, you will feel free to make mistakes, experiment, and enjoy the gradual changes that your mind and body are undergoing.

Creating a yoga routine when you’re new to yoga is tough. But hardest part is getting started. Use these tips and help from those of us at Core Fusion to help you set foot on your yoga journey. From here, you can do anything! Sign up for a class or contact us today to for more information.