5 Yoga Poses for the Netflix Junky Proves You Can Be a High-Functioning Couch Potato

You know the feeling. You’re coasting on a Sherlock marathon but know you really should be doing hip openers instead of hanging on Moriarty’s every word. Or you’re diving into The Keepers but you’re mostly thinking about keeping your posture from falling into old habits. Why not do both? It is possible to maintain your yoga practice and still binge those edge-of-your-seat episodes with these five yoga poses for couch potatoes. (Don’t worry. We’re all guilty of binging our favorite shows on the occasion!)

Here’s how you multi-task:

Easy Pose – Easy Pose is – easy! You literally just sit there, almost. If you slide off the couch and onto the floor to get into Easy Pose, make sure you don’t slump. You sit cross-legged, hands in anjali mudra, and keep your sit bones tucked slightly under with your hips open, keeping your spin in alignment.

Sphinx Pose – Remember how you used to watch Saturday matinee movies on your stomach, lounging on your bed? This is the same, but with a little structure. Occasionally stretch your upper back and chest by adopting a Sphinx pose by gently pushing your shoulders outward as you slowly look up at the screen, barely missing a beat of what is going on during your show.

Plank Pose – For dull moments in the show or in between episodes, challenge yourself a bit and cop a Plank Pose. Keep your spine aligned, including eyes down (hence, episode break). Maintain arms straight down from your shoulders and balance on your toes for max effect.

Cow Face Pose – Here’s another pose that looks easy (and lazy) but it kicks the stretch up a notch or two, helping you maximize that multi-tasking. You get a tasty IT band stretch if you do it right. You’ll also want a little warm-up for this one. To practice, begin on tabletop. Then, cross your right knee over the left, stacking them. Sit with sit bones firmly on the ground. Then, take your right arm behind your back with your hand up towards your neck. Left arm stretches up, then bends down to grasp your right fingers. Not so easy now, huh? Try a strap or towel if you cannot clasp your fingers.

Revolved Head-of-Knee Pose – Got a side ache? No problem. Try this more challenging pose for a side stretch that feels amazing. You’ll still be able to watch the screen, even if your head is temporarily sideways. To perform, start in Easy Pose. Extend your right leg 45 degrees towards the corner of the room and bring your left foot close to your hips. Slide your right arm along your right leg with the right palm facing up. Then, inhale and stretch your left fingers up toward the ceiling. Exhale, and arch over your right side, reaching left fingers towards your right foot. Your left arm should be over your left ear. Hold for several breaths and switch sides.

See what we did there? We gave you a yoga workout to practice yoga poses, even when more Arrested Development episodes are calling your name. Now, ease your guilt, do your stretches, and finish that series.