When you enroll at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, please let us know if you have any medical conditions so we can help you prevent injury risk by modifying your program accordingly.

Conditions that specifically require modification or a doctor’s note:

Listen to your body and know you are welcome to stop and lay still at any point. Should you decide to leave during class, that is all right, but please let your instructor know that you are okay before you go. Your safety is our first concern.

We’re Here to Guide You

The central focus of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga is to help people optimize physical performance, reclaim their lives, and enjoy physical activities. We offer private sessions, which can be modified for any medical condition.

Whatever your physical condition, Pilates and Yoga will help you get in better shape, boost your energy, improve muscle tone, and strengthen bone mineral density to improve your health, strength, and vitality. The key to success in any fitness program is to work with an experienced instructor, like the professional trainers at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga.

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