Beat the Holiday Bulge with 5 Tips to Stay on Top of Weight Management

What to Eat Before Yoga: Pre-Yoga Meals to Maximize Your WorkoutsThanksgiving is right around the corner, kicking off the holiday season. While you find yourself feeling grateful for family and friends as you prepare for seasonal parties and help yourself to everything pumpkin spice, remind yourself to stay in control of possible weight gain this year. We know how hard it is to give into temptation, but you have worked so hard all year to stay healthy – don’t stop now! Trust us. Bottomless mashed potatoes are not worth it.

Without further ado, we present five holiday weight management tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.

  1. Develop a Solid Plan – For every battle won, a good plan was in place. Heading into the holiday season may seem like preparing for a battle (we hope it’s not that bad!), but you need to consider the pitfalls and persuasions that may thwart your goals. Start planning now by scheduling workouts and organizing menus. If you have these essential steps in place and practiced, it will be easier to maintain than deciding two days before Thanksgiving how you are going to fit in Pilates class and pass up double servings of Aunt Lil’s decadent stuffing.
  2. Indulge with Self-Awareness – By no means are telling you to not eat the pumpkin pie and to not enjoy your coworker’s cookie plate. Just do so with self-awareness and only if you think it will be truly worth it. Too often we just fall into a habit of mindlessly eating during this time of the year, and that is the gateway to derailing your health routine. If you make a choice and truly enjoy what you are eating (without feeling guilty), you will be less likely to just eat something because it is sitting in front of you.
  3. Buddy Up – There is nothing like accountability for staving off the holiday bulge. If you have a friend who is into fitness and health goals, ask them to be your partner in maintaining your health, diet, and exercise goals through this trying time. When you have support and someone to talk to when you are feeling temptation take over, you are more likely to succeed.
  4. Keep a Journal – Whether you are trying to maintain a fitness routine you’ve been working with for some time or deciding to not let the holidays take over this year, it can be a good ideal to keep a journal. Just write down throughout the day when you worked out, what you did, what you ate, how it made you feel, and how you feel about your choices. Putting this on paper will help you look at the choices you make during the day and guide you towards improvement.
  5. KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!) – The best thing you can do for yourself is to not make this too complicated. If you make your schedule too full, commitments too frequent, or your goals too lofty, you will find it harder to prioritize self-care. Make simple goals and keep meal planning and workouts easy to integrate into your growing schedule.

We hope these tips make what is a challenging prospect easier to manage going into the holiday season. Signing up for our classes or talking to our instructors about holiday weight loss plans will also help. For assistance as you brave another season of pie and turkey, give us a call today.