3 Pilates Exercises for Athletes to Up Your Game in Any Sport

Pilates was originally developed as a supplement to athletic pursuits, and it remains a perfect match today. Regardless of the athletic pastime you enjoy, adopting a regular Pilates practice will optimize your performance in any sport from cycling to CrossFit. When Joseph Pilates designed his early exercises in a prison cell during World War I, […]

5 Ways to Spring into Your New Yoga Routine

Spring has sprung and you’re feeling your body yearn for more physical exercise and healthy living. Heed your body’s call and leap into a new yoga routine with the help of Core Fusion. Although getting started can be intimidating, we make it easy with beginner-friendly Core Yoga classes and patient, experienced instructors. To help nudge […]

Kids and Yoga – How to Enjoy Your Favorite Exercise with Your Favorite Little Ones

Kids and yoga go together perfectly, helping children learn confidence, self-acceptance, patience, and mindfulness at a young age. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just starting out on the mat, bond with your little one over your love of the ancient exercise. Delve into today’s blog to learn ways you can share your yoga […]

Pilates for Beginners and What to Expect: 5 Things to Know Before You Break a Sweat

If you’re new to Pilates, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by this exercise that everyone and their grandmother seems to be doing for cultivating a strong core, balance, and flexibility. You may have also heard that Pilates is a technical practice, involving something called a “reformer”, exercise balls, and specific poses with funny names. […]

Shower Yourself with Self-Love: 4 Ways to Give Yourself All the Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While many people prepare for this holiday by buying their loved ones chocolates and planning romantic dates, you can turn this holiday into one that’s all about you. Why not challenge the norms and celebrate self-love this year? We have three simple tips to help you embrace number […]

The Story of Yoga: A Brief History and Introduction to the Yoga We Know and Love

More than 37 million people practice yoga in the United States. That number has nearly doubled since 2012 and is expected to hit 55 million by 2020. Clearly, yoga’s popularity is exploding as we soar into future. Yet, for many, the history of yoga seems shrouded in mystery. Where did it come from? What was […]

Win Your Weight Loss Resolution for 2019: 5 Tips to Stick to Your New Routine

You have a weight loss resolution for this year and you know you’re going to make it! Finally, you’re going to figure out a sustainable way to cut calories, hit the gym regularly, and sculpt your body into the shape of your dreams. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons or look great […]

5 Daily Tips to Keep Any New Year’s Resolution List and Inspire a New You

That time has come again. With the ringing in of the new year, you compiled an extensive New Year’s resolution list, covering all goals ranging from reading more books to dropping that soda habit. You’re determined to become a new you, but how do you make your resolutions stick for 2019? We have 5 five […]

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Survive the Gauntlet of Party Desserts

The “Holiday Ten” is approaching and you’re worried. You can feel those extra ten pounds creeping up on your midsection with every Christmas cookie platter pushed your way and every holiday party invitation in your inbox. How will you make it through the social commitments and still avoid holiday weight gain? Never fear, Core Fusion […]

Meditation Techniques for Beginners – How to Quiet Your Mind and Find Inner Peace

Life is stressful – no doubt about it. From listening to morning news to frantically planning for the next day as soon as you get home from work, it’s easy to let stress engulf you. But as the holidays approach – and even more stress accumulates – remember to share some peace with yourself (as […]