5 Holiday Treat Swaps for Mindful Weight Maintenance

Ah, the holidays. We come into this time of year, filled with equal parts wonderment and fear. With every well-intentioned plate of office cookies or gift of gourmet chocolate comes the dread that too much of a good thing will lead to weight gain. However, the weight gain is not the real problem. Likely, like […]

Thankfulness for Yoga: 7 Ways to Celebrate the Gift of Your Favorite Exercise

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, this is the time of year where we assess what we are grateful for in our lives. At Core Fusion, we are grateful for your yoga – and you! In honor of celebrating this wonderful exercise we practice and the many people who make our studio the fun […]

Beat the Holiday Bulge with 5 Tips to Stay on Top of Weight Management

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, kicking off the holiday season. While you find yourself feeling grateful for family and friends as you prepare for seasonal parties and help yourself to everything pumpkin spice, remind yourself to stay in control of possible weight gain this year. We know how hard it is to give into […]

How to Get the Most Out of At-Home YouTube Pilates Videos

You love coming to Pilates class and sweating up a storm with your friends, but how do you stay motivated in between classes? Many people seek out YouTube Pilates videos for supplemental routines. However, as you can imagine, not all YouTube Pilates videos are created equally and there are many environmental factors involved that can […]

3 Yoga Poses to Smooth Out Your Wacky, Unpredictable Hormones

Do you ever feel out of whack? Sure, you do; you’re a human. Whether you are a man or woman, you likely experience periods of time feeling moody and irritable because of crazy hormones. Fortunately, just like there are yoga poses for mental health, certain yoga asanas can also help restore your hormonal balance and […]

5 Pilates Exercises for Abs to Give You the Most Envied Core at the Gym

Many people migrate to Pilates as their exercise form of choice because they crave a strong core and abs. Because many Pilates routines focus on core muscles and the support they lend to spinal alignment, most Pilates exercises you practice will strengthen those abs. However, there are a few select exercises that target your abs […]

4 Yoga Poses for Mental Health to Restore Peace and Relaxation

Life is certainly stressful – we all feel it. But for some people the ill feeling goes deeper than stress. Anxiety and depression are born of chemical imbalances in the brain, creating stress, desperation, sadness, and lethargy that may not accompany an identifiable source. With yoga, you can practice certain poses to not only relax […]

5 Yoga Poses for Women You Should Include in Every Workout

While yoga poses have been developed for centuries to benefit every body type at every stage of life, yoga packs a special degree of advantages for women. Considered the source of life and union of various energies, according to yoga philosophy, many yoga asanas have been created to honor woman in her Hindu goddess form […]

Pilates for Mental Health: 4 Reasons Why Pilates Saves the Day for Your Brain

At every Pilates class and in most Pilates articles, you’ll find out how this hundred-year-old exercise system can build a strong, healthy body. But what about a strong mind? In a time when mental health is rampant with the stress of the world, it’s beneficial to have a treatment ally other than medication in your […]

5 Benefits of Pilates for Men: Reasons Why Guys Should Try This Female-Dominated Workout

Whether you are a man or have a man in your life whom you would love to inspire to try Pilates, we want to make one thing clear: Pilates is not just for women. Far from it, Pilates was founded back in the early 1900s by a tough German athlete named Joseph Pilates. Joseph was […]