7 Alternative Meditation Techniques to Get Your ‘Om’ On

Imagine mediating and you instantly think of sitting statue-like on a zafu, unlocking the secrets of the universe with every controlled breath. But what if you can’t sit still for 45 minutes straight? Or what if you don’t know if you’d even like meditation? Fortunately, just like yoga, there are a variety of meditation techniques […]

Office Yoga to Power Through the Day – 3 Ways to Turn Your Cubicle into an Instant Yoga Space

Zen and relaxation are states of the mind. But as a yogi you know that physical movement and mindfulness are just as crucial to continuing that relaxation, especially when you’re sitting for hours in your desk at work. Maintain your Zen and reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injuries and back pain while fitting a […]

Yoga Nutrition – What to Eat Before and After Class to Optimize Your Efforts

One of the major perks of practicing yoga is feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, in and out of class. However, a big part of optimizing yoga’s benefits has to do with the self-care and nutrition you provide to your body before and after class. Almost anyone who has practiced yoga knows how the wrong food choice […]

Try Pilates at Core Fusion Pilates Yoga in Southlake Minutes from Colleyville

Living in Colleyville, you try to be active and healthy. With miles of hiking and bike paths like the Cotton Belt Trail or parks such as the Colleyville Nature Park, it’s easy to get outside in the sun and increase your heart rate. However, as much as you stay active, would you say that your […]

10 Commonly Asked Questions about Yoga and Pilates | Core Fusion Classes

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just getting interested in Pilates classes, Core Fusion has a wide variety of classes and session packages available. If you’re just starting out, you may have a few questions about joining the CF family. Today we highlight ten of the most commonly asked questions about yoga and Pilates classes […]

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Benefits Help You Soar Beyond Your Fitness Dreams

Imagine being suspended from a silk hammock attached to the ceiling, twisting gently in the air as you trust your body to support you. Slowly lifting your legs above you, you prepare to perform what feels like a magical handstand as you balance gracefully within the vibrant fabric. You’re experiencing AntiGravity aerial yoga, invented by […]

Yoga for Back Pain Relief – 4 Poses to Support You When You Need Extra Care

Back pain unfortunately seems to be a way of life, especially as we age. You may invest monthly in massage and chiropractic visits to ease the ache. However, with routine yoga practice and the right poses, you may able to treat back pain and get yourself feeling better than you have in years. Today we […]

Pilates Benefits for the Mind: 4 Ways to Boost Your Brain While You Build Muscle

Physical benefits from Pilates are a no brainer: through routine Pilates practice you know you build core strength, enhance flexibility, improve proprioception, and master ergonomic movement. But what about your brain? How do Pilates benefits affect your mind? You may be surprised to know that your brain gets almost as much of a workout as […]

Can You Lose Weight with Pilates? Core Fusion Answers This Common Question

Everyone wants an easy way to lose weight: one simple fat-scorching exercise regimen that burns calories while letting you eat whatever you want. Unfortunately, sustainable weight loss does not work this way. Losing weight requires making long-term adjustments to your diet and physical lifestyle. However, the good news is that Pilates is an excellent supplement […]

Stress Reducing Yoga Poses to Ease Your Mind and Relax Your Body

How do you de-stress? In our workaday world we combat excessive tension, stress, and anxiety. Many people rely on massage, body work, wine, or chocolate to help take it easy. But what if we told you there was a much cheaper, easier, and healthy way to de-stress and carry that relaxation with you throughout the […]