Pilates Benefits for the Mind: 4 Ways to Boost Your Brain While You Build Muscle

Physical benefits from Pilates are a no brainer: through routine Pilates practice you know you build core strength, enhance flexibility, improve proprioception, and master ergonomic movement. But what about your brain? How do Pilates benefits affect your mind? You may be surprised to know that your brain gets almost as much of a workout as […]

Can You Lose Weight with Pilates? Core Fusion Answers This Common Question

Everyone wants an easy way to lose weight: one simple fat-scorching exercise regimen that burns calories while letting you eat whatever you want. Unfortunately, sustainable weight loss does not work this way. Losing weight requires making long-term adjustments to your diet and physical lifestyle. However, the good news is that Pilates is an excellent supplement […]

Stress Reducing Yoga Poses to Ease Your Mind and Relax Your Body

How do you de-stress? In our workaday world we combat excessive tension, stress, and anxiety. Many people rely on massage, body work, wine, or chocolate to help take it easy. But what if we told you there was a much cheaper, easier, and healthy way to de-stress and carry that relaxation with you throughout the […]

Top 5 Benefits of Working Out with Friends: Use the Buddy System for Boosted Results

For all the benefits of exercise, most of us can agree on one thing: it’s hard to stay motivated. Despite the obvious benefits of healthier bodies, stronger muscles, weight loss, and just feeling great, exercise isn’t always “fun” or the number one thing we want to do after a long day of work. By adopting […]

5 Major Pilates Benefits for All: Big Reasons to Take Small Steps at Core Fusion

Pilates benefits all who try it – young, old, fitness beginner, or fitness pro. Regardless of where you’re starting or what your goals are, Pilates enriches your entire being, from the inside out. As you take more classes and dedicate yourself to practice, you’ll notice how the advantages of Pilates start permeating your life, changing […]

Answers to Your Top 6 Questions About Yoga and Pilates from Core Fusion

Yoga and Pilates pique your curiosity and you’re considering trying a class. But we know you have questions about each type of exercise that you’d like answered before setting foot on the mat. We’ve taken five of the most common questions about yoga and Pilates we receive and have provided answers for you to gain […]

5 Yoga Poses That Inspire Health from the Inside Out

Yoga poses, or asanas, are known for helping you get a good stretch out of your muscles, increasing flexibility and joint mobility. But yoga is so much more than that. For those who practice yoga regularly, it quickly becomes clear than the benefits of yoga extend far beyond your muscles and joints. Many asanas actually […]

Benefits of Wine and Yoga or Pilates – Top 5 Reasons to Pair the Two for Double Daily Health Advantages

Trying to decide what will pair best with your latest bottle of Malbec? Try exercise! That’s right. While you know the individual benefits of wine and yoga or Pilates, imagine the healthy power you’ll wield by practicing both on a daily basis. Yoga and Pilates retreats and studios are already catching onto this dynamic pairing, […]

Pilates and Yoga for Heart Health – Keep Your Ticker Healthy with the Gift of Mindfulness

As we age, one significant concern is our cardiovascular health. Under the shadow of heart disease and high blood pressure, we work hard to adjust our diets and raise our heart rates in hopes of staving off threatening illness. Although it’s obvious that aerobic exercise can contribute to a healthy heart, what may be less […]

Pilates and Yoga Benefits for Men – What’s in It for That Y Chromosome?

Walk into any Pilates or yoga class and you may see predominately (if not all) women in attendance. Does that mean men don’t practice these forms of exercise or that they don’t benefit from them? Not at all. In fact, a Sports Marketing Survey found that 16% of Pilates practitioners are men and 26% of […]