Meditation Techniques for Beginners – How to Quiet Your Mind and Find Inner Peace

Life is stressful – no doubt about it. From listening to morning news to frantically planning for the next day as soon as you get home from work, it’s easy to let stress engulf you. But as the holidays approach – and even more stress accumulates – remember to share some peace with yourself (as […]

Top 5 Pregnancy Pilates Modifications and Tips Help You Still Hit the Mat with Your Baby Bump

When you’re pregnant you are naturally more self-aware and careful about which activities you participate in. But did you know that with a few pregnancy Pilates modifications and tips you can keep practicing Pilates right until the end of the third trimester? Today we cover five pregnancy Pilates modifications and benefits you need to know […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Core Fusion Is Your Choice for Pilates and Yoga in Southlake

Many excellent Pilates and yoga studios exist in Southlake and the surrounding areas. We know you have many choices when it comes to boosting your body and inspiring your mind. Yet, at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, we believe we have a little something extra for all our clients that adds to the bigger picture […]

Pilates for Weight Loss – 5 Moves to Bust Fat and Burn Calories

Pilates can do more than just tone your muscles and strengthen your core. You can also burn some serious calories when you practice Pilates for weight loss. Incorporate the following five exercises into your regular routine to see fat-zapping results: Swimming – With this move, lie on your stomach with your forehead down, pubis anchored […]

Top 3 Reasons to Do Pilates at Core Fusion – Stretch Towards a Better You

Pilates has become one of the most popular exercise forms since it originated in the 1920s. For almost 100 years, millions of people have reaped the benefits of the program: a strong core, joint flexibility, balance, and relaxation (to name just a few!). You can practice Pilates at a variety of different fitness studios in […]

5 Quick Exercises to Boost Your Body in 10 Minutes or Less

When do you have time to exercise? After leaving work, you jump in the car for a half hour commute, get home, and then run a figurative triathlon just to get dinner ready for your family. You may feel like you never have enough time for yourself, let alone breaking a sweat and working out. […]

7 Alternative Meditation Techniques to Get Your ‘Om’ On

Imagine mediating and you instantly think of sitting statue-like on a zafu, unlocking the secrets of the universe with every controlled breath. But what if you can’t sit still for 45 minutes straight? Or what if you don’t know if you’d even like meditation? Fortunately, just like yoga, there are a variety of meditation techniques […]

Office Yoga to Power Through the Day – 3 Ways to Turn Your Cubicle into an Instant Yoga Space

Zen and relaxation are states of the mind. But as a yogi you know that physical movement and mindfulness are just as crucial to continuing that relaxation, especially when you’re sitting for hours in your desk at work. Maintain your Zen and reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injuries and back pain while fitting a […]

Yoga Nutrition – What to Eat Before and After Class to Optimize Your Efforts

One of the major perks of practicing yoga is feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, in and out of class. However, a big part of optimizing yoga’s benefits has to do with the self-care and nutrition you provide to your body before and after class. Almost anyone who has practiced yoga knows how the wrong food choice […]

Try Pilates at Core Fusion Pilates Yoga in Southlake Minutes from Colleyville

Living in Colleyville, you try to be active and healthy. With miles of hiking and bike paths like the Cotton Belt Trail or parks such as the Colleyville Nature Park, it’s easy to get outside in the sun and increase your heart rate. However, as much as you stay active, would you say that your […]