4 Yoga Poses for Mental Health to Restore Peace and Relaxation

Life is certainly stressful – we all feel it. But for some people the ill feeling goes deeper than stress. Anxiety and depression are born of chemical imbalances in the brain, creating stress, desperation, sadness, and lethargy that may not accompany an identifiable source. With yoga, you can practice certain poses to not only relax […]

5 Yoga Poses for Women You Should Include in Every Workout

While yoga poses have been developed for centuries to benefit every body type at every stage of life, yoga packs a special degree of advantages for women. Considered the source of life and union of various energies, according to yoga philosophy, many yoga asanas have been created to honor woman in her Hindu goddess form […]

Pilates for Mental Health: 4 Reasons Why Pilates Saves the Day for Your Brain

At every Pilates class and in most Pilates articles, you’ll find out how this hundred-year-old exercise system can build a strong, healthy body. But what about a strong mind? In a time when mental health is rampant with the stress of the world, it’s beneficial to have a treatment ally other than medication in your […]

5 Benefits of Pilates for Men: Reasons Why Guys Should Try This Female-Dominated Workout

Whether you are a man or have a man in your life whom you would love to inspire to try Pilates, we want to make one thing clear: Pilates is not just for women. Far from it, Pilates was founded back in the early 1900s by a tough German athlete named Joseph Pilates. Joseph was […]

Basics of Breath and Yoga: How to Breathe to Get the Most Out of Your Movement

You’ve likely heard countless times that breath and yoga are interrelated. Breath connects your movements, helping increase body awareness and mindful relaxation. That sounds wonderful and everything, but what if you really don’t know how to do that? You could have been practicing yoga for a year and still feel like this aspect is unclear. […]

5 Yoga Poses for the Netflix Junky Proves You Can Be a High-Functioning Couch Potato

You know the feeling. You’re coasting on a Sherlock marathon but know you really should be doing hip openers instead of hanging on Moriarty’s every word. Or you’re diving into The Keepers but you’re mostly thinking about keeping your posture from falling into old habits. Why not do both? It is possible to maintain your […]

Yoga and Bodywork: How Chiropractic Care and Structural Integration Can Strengthen Your Yoga Routine

So, a yogi, a chiropractor, and a structural integrator walk into a bar. What’s the punchline? Nothing hilarious or worthy of a comedy special, although they’d probably raise a toast to the brilliant combo that is yoga and bodywork. Many people view yoga as being packed with benefits for enhancing relaxation, improving flexibility, building core […]

Pilates Versus Yoga: Which Is the Better Workout for You?

You seek the mind-body connection and core training that Pilates and yoga gives you, but which one is right for your body and goals? Core Fusion breaks down the differences and similarities when it comes to Pilates versus yoga and sheds light on which option is ideal for you. You may find the answer is […]

What to Eat Before Yoga: Pre-Yoga Meals to Maximize Your Workouts

Many people struggle with knowing what to eat before yoga practice. Should you eat at all? What should you eat? If you’ve practiced yoga for any amount of time, you know that miscalculating how much food you shove into your mouth can make your stomach feel like a brick as you attempt to twist and […]

3 Pilates Exercises for Athletes to Up Your Game in Any Sport

Pilates was originally developed as a supplement to athletic pursuits, and it remains a perfect match today. Regardless of the athletic pastime you enjoy, adopting a regular Pilates practice will optimize your performance in any sport from cycling to CrossFit. When Joseph Pilates designed his early exercises in a prison cell during World War I, […]