I am a newcomer to pilates. I joined Core Fusion as my orthopedic doctor suggested pilates for a exercise routine for me to help with lower back issues. He spoke highly of Wendy and referred me to her studio. I simply love pilates! It is a great over all workout and excellent for toning. Core Fusion caters to small group classes affording every participant one on one attention. The classes are different everyday which keeps it interesting. The instructors are AMAZING! This is an exercise program you will actually look forward to.

Lynn McDonald

I’m so happy to have found CFP here in Southlake. The instructors are all very good. I especially enjoy Catherine’s Pilates classes, so motivating.

Hanni Fuchs, Southlake

I have been going to Core Fusion Pilates and Yoga since January 2018. I have participated in private pilates lessons, Pilates group classes, and aerial yoga. This studio is amazing! There’s nothing like it in Dallas, Chicago, or California. Those are all the places I’ve spent time trying to do pilates and yoga. The instructors are all excellent. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I had never heard of Aerial Yoga and decided to give it a try. At first, it seemed hard and painful, but every time I returned it got easier, and I find I am able to relax into the postures. I also have fewer aches and pains in my everyday routine of running. I am so happy I found this place. The prices are very reasonable and the scheduling system is easy. The equipment is great quality. Core Fusion is the best part of my recent move to Southlake!

Crystal R., Southlake, TX client since January, 2018

Core Fusion has been an uplifting experience in my life. Literally! 😀 I absolutely LOVE the anti gravity yoga with the hammocks that provide so much support during inversions and moves. The teachers are helpful, concise and fun! The studio is clean and fresh.

I highly recommend trying aerial yoga and sticking with it for at least 3 classes. Then you’ll be hooked. The benefits are endless.

Lynné Tialios

I love taking all the Core Fusion classes but I especially like Darletta’s yoga class! She is very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the class and adjusts you when needed. I love the small intimate class-size.

Rachel 2017

“I have been coming to Core Fusion Pilates for about one year. The instructors are excellent and I have become stronger and  improved my posture. The exercises on the reformer have made me more mindful of the way I move and the importance of strengthening my core as I age.”

Patti Buhcardt

“I started training with Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga about 15 months ago and I have made tremendous improvement in core strength, overall body strength and flexibility. I love seeing and feeling the continual improvement. All the instructors are excellent and I love the intimate setting. Most importantly, I enjoy coming to class!”

Pam Alonso

“Love this place. You can choose from private, duet or group sessions. I opted for private with Karen – she is my rock. Combining pilates and other forms of exercise I have lost over 14 lbs and my posture has improved tremendously.”

Penny Watson

“I am newer to Southake and after trying all the different exercise and pilates studios in the area, Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga proves to be the best.  Not only is the Pilates traditional Stott method, but Wendy and team ensure that you’re always challenged and that every muscle group gets a good workout.  Wendy continually brings new moves to classes, gives us great stretching throughout class and continuously strengthens our bodies.  Typically I go after work, and the day’s stress is top of mind and by the end of class I am relaxed, exercised and feeling great.”

Shelley Z

Pilates challenges the mind, body and soul…

Retired NFL Player, Client Since 2012