Classes & Private Training

Pilates Classes or Private Training – Find the Fitness Program You Need

Premier Pilates classes or private training are designed to revolve around you and your health. Your completely tailored training experience begins with a 30-minute complimentary consultation to assess your fitness level and choose the best path for you. Following this consultation, you can expect:

A Wide Range of Classes – From beginners to high-level students, our Pilates classes accommodate any age range, fitness level, or body type. Start with basic Reformer 1 and aspire towards the challenging Reformer and Chair Circuit class. Once you commit, you’re unstoppable.

Encouraging Environment – Upbeat, fun, and encouraging, our experienced instructors keep you motivated while feeling good about every ounce of progress.

Savings and Discounts – You’ll save when you enroll in 5 classes or more, with savings increasing the more classes you buy.

Call or e-mail us today for more info on Premier Pilates classes, or to schedule a free consultation.