Core Client Beate Egerton

Beate EggertonThe top reasons Beate is incorporating Yoga/Aerial Yoga into her life:

I wanted to add variety to my sports activities, and really feel the need to become physically more flexible. Have loved pilates for a long time, but for me, yoga truly is an acquired taste…

However, both my instructors, Carol and Lynn have made it easy to keep going, they are fabulous teachers and wonderfully encouraging, even when my hips don’t want to open up 🙂

What does Beate like best about the Yoga/Aerial Yoga Method of Exercise:

Love the small groups (max six people for yoga and 4 for aerial yoga) and the individual attention it affords me.  Aerial yoga is pure fun!

Beate’s advice for people considering Yoga/Aerial Yoga at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga:

Try it, you will be hooked 🙂