Core Client Cathy Henderson

The top reasons Cathy is incorporating Yoga into her life:

  1. Incorporating yoga into my life helps me to balance my body both physically and spiritually, allowing greater focus and strength in my daily routine.
  2. I feel confident in my life like never before.

What does Cathy like best about Yoga:

  1. I like being able to maintain flexibility and balance with the added benefit of mindfulness.
  2. I have seen positive changes in my body and my concentration, my stress level has decreased as well.

Cathy’s advice for people considering Yoga at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga:

  1. If you are considering taking a class please take that first step.
  2. The instructors are expertly trained, the classes are small and the clients are friendly and encouraging.
  3. I continue to enjoy each class and look forward to continuing my training.