Core Client Mitzi Long

The top reasons Mitzi is incorporating Pilates into her life:

  1. To get stronger
  2. To be feel better
  3. To lose weight
  4. To sleep better – eliminates stress

What does Mitzi like best about the Pilates Method of Exercise:

  1. The instructors are spot on with their instructions and care that you are conducting the Pilates session properly
  2. Instructors encourage you to try exercises that you typically wouldn’t think you could perform
  3. After the workout I feel great.

Mitzi’s advice for people considering Pilates at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga:

  1. You will feel a difference in your body nearly immediately; stronger core, better posture
  2. You will experience a stronger mind/body connection – waking up muscles you forgot you had
  3. I would recommend doing Pilates three times a week for the best results.