Core Client Patti B.

The top reasons Patti is incorporating Pilates into her life:

Pilates has helped my core strength, my balance and my flexibility. I had some hip issues and fascia issues that have seen great improvement and elimination with regular Pilate workouts.

What does Patti like best about the Pilates Method of Exercise:

I like that you start off slow, learning the proper way to use the reformer. Then build up to more challenging moves as you strengthen your muscles. Now I can do things that I certainly could not do in the beginning! That is encouraging and fun to see. It also helps my posture and has helped the strength and flexibility of my golf swing!

Patti’s advice for people considering Pilates at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga:

Absolutely do it! And do it regularly. I can see a difference when I have had to miss my regular routine. I also love the talented instructors here who keep it fun and challenging.