Core Client Kelly M.

The top reasons why Kelly is incorporating Pilates into her life:

  1. Keep my back from hurting! I fractured two discs almost 30 years ago, and Pilates makes it not hurt anymore.
  2. Build healthy muscle to lower my body fat percentage.
  3. Strengthen my core and legs to keep healthy as I get older

What does Kelly likes best about the Pilates Exercise Method?

Pilates helps me reach my exercise and health goals in a safe and healthy way. I had tried other exercise classes and kept twisting my knees or hurting my back. This in turn would set me back and keep me from exercising. Wendy and her staff know exactly which types of exercises I can perform and I never get hurt!

Kelly’s advice for people considering Pilates at Premier Pilates:

Pilates sounds scary and hard, but the classes are really fun and go by so fast. The instructors are wonderful and the small class structure is great for quickly making new workout friends.