Be Prepared

Mind Body Exercise in Southlake, Texas – How To Prepare for Classes and Private Sessions at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga

Although beginning Pilates or Yoga exercise at our Southlake, Texas facility is a commitment, it’s a valuable one. Preparing sensibly ahead of time will help you make the most out of each session.

What to wear for all of our exercise programs:

  1. Dress Comfortably and keep jewelry and sharp clothing details at home.
  2. Please do not wear extremely baggy clothing in any of our exercise programs as it may get caught in the equipment and would be difficult for the instructor to accurately observe your form.
  3. Women can wear exercise leggings with a comfortable t-shirt or exercise top, and Men can wear long compression shorts under regular exercise shorts or long exercise pants and a top. Some of the exercises may be revealing without the proper clothing.
  4. Foot Wear: shoes are not worn during any of our exercise programs unless otherwise noted. Socks are optional unless you have any form of toenail fungal disease then socks are required. We suggest sticky socks and we carry them in our closing Boutique.
  5. AntiGravity Aerial Yoga classes require you to wear a short or long sleeve t-shirts to protect your skin from mild material chafing and to keep the silk hammocks clean from deodorant stains. Also avoid wearing barrettes or other hard hair accessories as it may tear the fabric or hurt your head.

Arriving for your first class is the next step.

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