First Appointment

Beginner Pilates or Yoga or Just New To Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga – Your First Appointment Starts the Same

Congratulations! Whether you’re trying out beginner Pilates or Yoga for the first time, or are a Pilates or Yoga veteran wanting to finesse your form, we welcome you. Regardless of where you are on your Pilates or Yoga journey, your path at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga begins with the same first steps.


Every new client starts with a free 55-minute consultation. During this session, your instructor will assess your paperwork, ask some basic questions, and discuss how to best expedite your fitness goals. Even if you’re experienced with Pilates or Yoga, the initial consultation is required so our instructors can start you off in the right direction. Sign up for a consultation.

Introductory Offers

After your consultation and assessment, it’s time to start private sessions or classes. From beginners to experienced clients, we recommend one of our Introductory Offers. Beginner Pilates or Yoga clients will learn the ropes, and experienced students will learn or hone advanced techniques, such as how to adjust the Stott Pilates Reformer to gain maximum benefit from any workout. Through our introductory program, you’ll also get a good feel for which classes will work best for you in the future.

You’re On Your Way

After your first consultation and introductory package, the real fun begins. You’ll be powering toward amazing health in no time.

Call or e-mail us today to schedule a free consultation.