How to Get the Most Out of At-Home YouTube Pilates Videos

You love coming to Pilates class and sweating up a storm with your friends, but how do you stay motivated in between classes? Many people seek out YouTube Pilates videos for supplemental routines. However, as you can imagine, not all YouTube Pilates videos are created equally and there are many environmental factors involved that can make or break your mat time at home.

While you are busy sculpting those abs in class, use our tips and video recommendations to make sure you only improve (and not regress) with your at-home workouts.

YouTube Workout Tips

  1. Clear Enough Room – Even if you live in a tiny studio apartment, you can find a big enough space to work out. Just make sure you can stretch your arms out straight without touching a wall and you’re good to go.
  2. Get the Right Stuff – You don’t have to go all out to be effective at home, but you do need some basic equipment. Find a nice, thick mat to save your joints and a resistance band to challenge your muscles and relieve tension. If you are a beginner or have pain issues, try adding a cushion to sit on or to provide back support. For those a little farther along in Pilates, invest in a ball to sit on to intensify those core exercises.
  3. Turn Off Your Phone – Get rid of that phone! The only device you should have on is your laptop playing those Pilates videos. You need and deserve total focus on your workout.
  4. Kick the Pets Out – Sorry, Fuzzball! You love your fur kids, but they get underfoot at the worst times. Better safe than sorry (if you accidentally fall on them) and you will get more out of your workout with them trying to sit on you or chew on your hair during your daily pelvic curls.

Pick a Video, Any Video!

These YouTube Pilates videos have been rated high on the at-home workout list by Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

For the Quick Workout

Cassey Ho – You can check out Cassey’s channel at Blogilates. She is a leading Pilates authority and a has a great three-minute video for lower abs.

Live Fit Girl – In just ten minutes, work every part of your body in this intense video:

Rachel Lawrence – No mat? No problem. Rachel Lawrence offers this 10-minute no-equipment video:

20 Minutes or Less

Deanna Dorman – When you have only 20 minutes, try Deanna’s Pilates flow, a workout that focuses on whole-body strength.

Freshly Centered – Tracey takes you through this intermediate, yet relaxing workout in just 15 minutes.

Longer, More Specified Workouts

Sydney with Power Pilates – With a few dumbbells, Sydney takes you through a 40-minute workout to fiercely target your arms, core, and legs.

Beth Sandlin of Trifecta Pilates – When you are missing your hour-long classes at the studio but don’t want to leave your home, use this more advanced hour-long video replacement where you will perform exercises like the Roll Over, Corkscrew, and Teasers.

Now that you have some selection, enjoy practicing at home as you gear up to come wow us with your progress at Core Fusion. For more ideas on YouTube Pilates videos and at-home workout tips, contact us today.