Types of Classes

Class Descriptions – Discover Your Ultimate Fitness Goals

Get ready to launch your fitness goals to the next level. From beginners to skilled athletes, we offer a variety of Pilates + Yoga class to meet any fitness level, age bracket, or physical limitation.

My overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance have been improved. I find myself walking with better posture and my lower back pain is gone!!!!

– Linda, Southlake, TX, Client since January, 2014

Complimentary 25-Minute Consultation

Before you sign up for any Pilates class, we require you to schedule a complimentary 25-minute consultation. Even if you’re experienced with Pilates, we’ll still need you to complete this customary assessment so we’ll know what class to place you in. The Consultation also gives us a chance to develop a tailored fitness plan to help you reach your goals.


Introductory Offer: Express Private Pilates

As an introductory offer for new members, we provide Express Private Pilates. Ideal for beginners or those who have just begun, you get three 25-minute sessions without any obligation to join a specific class. If you do have Pilates experience, your first session will include learning to adjust the Stott Pilates Reformer to optimize your workouts.

The individualized instruction and level of attentiveness ensures I get the most out of my workout. I have become stronger and leaner in the months I have been attending classes.  Each instructor is so personable, knowledgeable and inspiring that I look forward to each workout!

 Victoria F, Southlake, TX, Client since January, 2015


Pilates Reformer 1

Pilates Reformer 1 involves fundamental exercises designed to help you reduce aches and pains. Great for both beginners and experienced students, this class helps you increase your body awareness, strengthen your core, enhance your range of motion, and balance the muscles that surround your joints.


Pilates Reformer 1 & 2

Pilates Reformer 1 & 2 allows you to build on what you learned in Reformer 1, helping you further develop your core musculature. This Pilates class is 50 minutes long, and you’ll sculpt and strengthen your entire body as you begin to recover from any recent injuries and learn to improve your posture to reduce aches and pains.


Pilates Reformer/Chair 2 & 3

Once you’ve mastered the Reformer classes, it’s time to turn up the heat in this fast-paced, full-body workout. The stability chair is considered the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, as it helps you focus on core strength, leg strength, shoulder girdle stability, mobility, strength, and multiple functional movements. Instructor approval required.

”One of the best gifts I have given myself is private Pilates sessions……. Pilates has changed my body, mind, and spirit. Truly worth the investment.”

– Laura Cottingham, Westlake, TX, Client Since 2012


Pilates Reformer Conditioning 2

Perfect for masters of beginner exercises, Reformer Conditioning 2 is a medium- to medium-high-intensity class that helps you continue to build your endurance, core strength, stamina, agility, deep muscular strength, and flexibility. You’ll also learn some advanced exercises to help you sculpt your arms, legs, back, and torso. Instructor approval required.


Pilates Reformer & Chair Circuit

A hybrid of chair and reformer exercises, this non-traditional class is nonstop fun that keeps you motivated. The class is split in two, with half using the reformer and half on stability chairs, switching half-way through the session. As a result, your entire body strengthens, tones, and mobilizes, improving your posture, deepening your core, and balancing and stabilizing all your joints. Every class will leave you feeling great, and ready for more!


Senior Activity Center Chair Pilates

Premier Pilates sponsors a chair Pilates class at the Southlake Senior Center, which is free and open to everyone 55 years old and up. This class helps seniors reclaim their mobility and joy in daily life. The above-55 crowd sit on, stand behind, and stabilize using safe chairs to get in shape. In this class, you’ll increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, deepen core connection, boost overall well-being, and gain improved balance.

To sign up for this program, contact the senior center directly.

What class would be best for you? Call or e-mail us today to ask questions about any Pilates class at our studio, or to set up your free consultation.