Are Pilates + Yoga Good for You? Pilates and Yoga Can Be Modified to Benefit Almost Everybody

Pilates and Yoga empowers countless people to achieve greater strength and fitness. Knowledgeable instructors can modify the exercises to suit almost everybody. When you enroll at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, please let us know if you have any medical conditions so we can help you prevent injury risk by modifying your program accordingly.

Conditions that specifically require modification or a doctor’s note:

Just because you have the above-mentioned conditions (or others) doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid Pilates or Yoga all together. Our experienced instructors are specifically trained in adapting to a multitude of physical conditions to help you get strong and fit. Modifications might include flexion exercises such as the Dead Bug, Prone Hip lift, and leg extension exercises. We also might modify movements that involve rotation or bending from the side.

Most importantly, any time you experience unusual pain, let us know immediately. Feeling “the burn” is positive, but anything beyond that is a warning sign. You may need to temporarily stop Pilates or Yoga and modify your practice, take private sessions, or try a different movement to avoid exacerbating injury.

We’re Here to Guide You

The central focus of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga is to help people optimize physical performance, reclaim their lives, and enjoy physical activities. We offer private sessions, which can be modified for any medical condition.

Whatever your physical condition, Pilates and Yoga will help you get in better shape, boost your energy, improve muscle tone, and strengthen bone mineral density to improve your health, strength, and vitality. The key to success in any fitness program is to work with an experienced instructor, like the professional trainers at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga.

Call or e-mail us today to get answers to your questions about Pilates and Yoga classes tailored to your needs, or to schedule a free consultation.