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Benefits of Pilates – Top 6 Reasons to Choose Pilates As Your Go-To Exercise Program

Do you remember when it seemed easier to keep weight off? Or when tough workouts were no big deal? What can you do about the pain that seems to stack on your muscles and joints as time progresses?

It’s no secret – as we age, our bodies have to work harder to keep up, and they change in the process. Fortunately, the benefits of Pilates can support our bodies while we age, even reversing some of the negative effects, by increasing mental focus, boosting mood, limbering muscles, and trimming waist lines.

At Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, we’ve highlighted the top six reasons our clients benefit most from these mind-body exercises:

  1. Quality of Movement – Forget the intensity and stress of rep-based exercise. Pilates is about quality of movement and how much you gain from each session, not quantity of reps. Our experienced, compassionate Pilates instructors help you perfect each exercise to better assist your body as you strive toward your individual fitness goals, whether you’re working through post-surgery rehabilitation or aiming for weight loss.
  2. Refreshment for Your Mind and Body – After each session, you’ll feel the immediate benefits of Pilates, with your mind clear and your body rejuvenated. Throughout each session, you’ll learn how to precisely control your mind-body connection so you can move fluidly and align your breath with each exercise.
  3. Enhance Enjoyment of Life – From sports to playing ball with your child, Pilates makes life easier to enjoy. Pilates focuses on strengthening the core or center of your body, from which all other activities originate. When your core is strong, you have improved control of your trunk, pelvis, and shoulder girdle, making sports, hobbies, and even your desk job simpler tasks.
  4. Recover Faster and Perform Better – The functional benefits of Pilates are far-reaching and apply to all clients, regardless of age or fitness level. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or are dealing with herniated discs, Pilates helps you retrain your body to move in safer, more efficient, and more sustainably pain-free ways.
  5. Reduce the Risk of Injury – Although Pilates is known as a rehabilitative exercise, it can also prevent injury from occurring. For both athletes and generally active people, cross-training with Pilates minimizes the stress on your joints and muscles that traditional workouts threaten, allowing you to better balance your body for strength and flexibility. Pilates also works the entire body, reducing your chance of developing back pain associated with workouts that only target certain areas.
  6. Challenging, Yet Gentle – Pilates is completely adaptable to your physical limitations or fitness level. You can even do many of the exercises in a seated or reclined position. Most are also low impact, making Pilates a valuable tool for physical therapists. However, you’ll also find Pilates is challenging in a way that honors your body’s journey through fitness. From beginners to pro athletes, the benefits of Pilates serve all.

Take your entire being to the next level as you transform your body, mind, and spirit.

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