Post Rehabilitation

Pilates Works Well for Post-Rehabilitation

Pilates is effective for people of all ages recovering from various injuries. The medical community continues to endorse Pilates for its highly targeted approach.
That’s due in part to the fact the principles of Pilates exercises are consistent with those of physical rehabilitation. Fitness professionals choose to include Pilates into physical rehabilitation programs because Pilates:

Pilates is a good fit for young people recovering from sports injuries, people confined to wheelchairs, and senior citizens, too.

Contraindications – Always Talk To Your Instructor If You Know of Any Health Conditions

“Contraindications” is a complicated word for a simple idea: if you have certain health conditions, some Pilates exercises can lead to an additional risk for injuries. It’s not always clear to our eyes what they are – so please let us know if any medical conditions affect you. However, you can still do Pilates, but your instructor needs to know the health conditions affecting you so they can help you modify your Pilates program.

If, while working out, you experience unusual pain, let us know immediately. “Feel the burn” pain is normal and okay, but anything beyond that is not. As a result, you may need to stop your Pilates exercises, modify them, or try different ones so you don’t experience more severe injury.

Just because you have a physical condition doesn’t mean you should avoid a Pilates program entirely. Our experienced instructors can help you customize your personal fitness program so you can get in good physical shape again and avoid experiencing additional physical injury.

If you have any of these conditions, you are a great candidate for Private Pilates Instruction, but may not be eligible to join our group classes:

With osteoporosis, for example, we’ll need to modify flexion exercises, and exercises like the Round Back Elephant and Short Spine, and possibly exercises involving leg extensions. Exercises involving rotation and bending from the side may also need to be modified or replaced with safer exercises.

Pilates is Safe, But You Must Use an Experienced Instructor

Regardless of the physical health condition that affects you, doing Pilates helps you get in better physical shape. For example, for women with osteoporosis, exercising regularly can increase bone mineral density (BMD).

The key for success to use our experienced instructors, who know how to help you identify safe exercises, given your health condition.