Private Sessions

Private Pilates Lessons – Propel Toward Your Goals with One-On-One Pilates

For truly effective training and fast progress, there’s nothing like enrolling in Private Pilates lessons at our Pilates boutique. Whether you’re a beginner or a dedicated athlete, Private Pilates classes and sessions help you meet your target as quickly and safely as possible.

Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga private instruction is completely customized to your body, goals, preferences, and style. From professional athletes upping their game to senior citizens managing osteoporosis, our experienced instructors look closely at your individual requirements, and then detail an exercise plan to help you make real progress with each session.

Private Pilates lessons last 55 minutes. We also offer Express 25-minute Private Pilates lessons to accommodate your busy work schedule, or 55-minute Duet Pilates so you can work out with a friend.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an appointment first. Call or e-mail us today for answers to all your questions about Private Pilates lessons, or to set up a free consultation.