Shower Yourself with Self-Love: 4 Ways to Give Yourself All the Love on Valentine’s Day

Beautiful young woman wearing blue sweater over isolated background Hugging oneself happy and positive, smiling confident. Self love and self care

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While many people prepare for this holiday by buying their loved ones chocolates and planning romantic dates, you can turn this holiday into one that’s all about you. Why not challenge the norms and celebrate self-love this year? We have three simple tips to help you embrace number one (that’s you) during the season of love.

  1. Celebrate the Love Within – We spend so much time in our lives worrying about receiving love from everyone around us: friends, family, and romantic partners. Some people chase love their whole life, not realizing that they possess all the love they need right in their own hearts. To help you out, we take a page from Yoga Journal. According to an article they published last year, you need to go beyond your immediate experience and realize that you have all you need within to be happy and feel the unconditional love you crave.
  2. Be Good to Yourself – This tip seems so obvious, yet many people don’t treat themselves as nicely as they treat others. Go out of your way to adapt little habits in your daily routine to enrich your life. Forgive yourself for mistakes. Take yourself out on dates. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and take vitamins that support improved. Take more bubble baths and paint your toes. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature and take long walks. You can also adopt meditation techniques to help still your mind and reduce stress.
  3. Develop Positive Mantras – Not too long ago you committed yourself to a whole new list of New Year’s resolutions. Avoid getting down on yourself or being too critical about reaching your new goals by developing positive mantras to keep yourself on target. As we mentioned recently in our tips to maintain your New Year’s resolution list, positive mantras help you transform negative self-talk into loving messages. Instead of saying things like “Why do I always let myself down?” try changing it to, “I love and accept my self always.”
  4. Get Active – At Core Fusion, we know just how much better you can feel when you exercise regularly. For people who don’t work out often, they may be missing out on this secret to self-love. By trying to frequently practice yoga or Pilates or getting out there and running or walking, you’re able to give yourself a chance to be healthier, stronger, and more relaxed. Studies have shown that exercise also boosts serotonin, which is known for regulating mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, and memory.

This Valentine’s Day show yourself how much you really care. Try these tips to increase your self-love and light up your inner life. We’re more than happy to help you with your self-care journey. For any information on fitness classes to add to your routine or ways to improve your health, contact us today.