Advanced Program (Level 2)


The Advanced (Level 2) program begins with a review of relevant Essential and Intermediate exercises, then students learn to apply STOTT PILATES® biomechanical principles to exercises that require a higher degree of strength, balance and coordination. These courses can be taken immediately after the corresponding Level 1 course or as a series of courses.

Advanced program choices:

Our Advanced programs continue to provide a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire.

Advanced Matwork – AM

This 6 hour course held over one-day, progresses to Matwork to more advanced material, providing further options and challenges on the mat for highly conditioned clients. Exercises require a high degree of strength, balance and coordination.

Advanced Reformer – AR

Learn to use the various Reformer components and accessories to intensify reformer repertoire and provide a stimulating workout for athletes, dancers, and highly conditioned clients. Held over 3 days this 18 hour Advanced course teaches exercises in the repertoire that require greater strength, stability and flexibility.

Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – ACCB

The Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels course has been structured into three separate modules to allow you to choose which element to take, and when (they will likely be scheduled consecutively). Completion of all three modules below is required to be eligible for certification.


In order to start the Advanced, Level 2 courses students must have completed the Essential and Intermediate repertoire taught in the Level 1 courses.

Admission requirementsPrerequisite
Advanced Matwork (AM)Intensive Mat (IM) or Comprehensive Mat & Reformer (CMR)
Advanced Reformer (AR)Intensive Reformer (IR) or Comprehensive Mat & Reformer (CMR)
Advanced Cadillac, Chairs & Barrels (ACCB)Intensive Cadillac or Chairs & Barrels (ICCB) or Comprehensive Cadillac or Chairs & Barrels (CCCB)


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Policies and procedures

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