Course Dates

Teacher Training

Please call the Studio for more information.

* Daily schedule factors in a ½ hour break each day.

Course Dates

IR Module 1 with Gidget Anthony

Fri, March 29, 20191:00pm-6:30pm5 Hours
Sat, March 30, 20191:00pm-6:30pm5 Hours
Sun, March 31, 201910:00am-3:30pm5 Hours
Fri, April 12, 20191:00pm-6:30pm5 Hours
Sat, April 13, 20191:00pm-6:30pm5 Hours
Sun, April 14, 201910:00am-3:30pm5 Hours

IR Module 2 with Amanda Taylor

Sat, April 27, 201911:30am-5:00pm5 Hours
Sun, April 28, 201910:00am-3:30pm5 Hours
Sat, May 4, 201911:30am-5:00pm5 Hours
Sun, May 5, 201910:00am-3:30pm5 Hours