Why Choose STOTT PILATES® Education

STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation that is recognized worldwide as the ‘Ivy League’ of Pilates education. Certified Instructors are sought after to work across a broad range of positions in the health and fitness industries, from studios and clubs to rehab and therapy practices. With a STOTT PILATES® education, there is no limit to career opportunities.

Serve Every Client Base

STOTT PILATES® provides varying levels of movement — essential, intermediate and advanced — to meet the exercise needs of all clients, from post-rehab to elite athlete. Students learn modifications to progress and regress clients appropriately to achieve and maintain fitness goals, and to use top-quality, user-friendly small props and equipment to properly position clients for effective exercise.

Modular Training and Certification

Modular training offerings allow students to choose the method of study that best suits their lifestyles and availability. Students can take courses à la carte or all at once, and can certify in Mat, or Reformer, or achieve Full Certification. Merrithew also offers over 150 STOTT PILATES® workshops to choose from for continuing education. For more information on programming and schedules, see www.merrithew.com/instructor-training, or use the Find Training tool for trainings worldwide, merrithew.com/find-training.

Quality Education

Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers are highly-qualified and log numerous hours of practical teaching experience before achieving Certification or Instructor Trainer status. This consistency helps STOTT PILATES® maintain the high standards and quality control that it is recognized for around the world.

Exceptional Course Material

One of the reasons for STOTT PILATES®’ continued reputation of training excellence is the extensive catalogue of technical manuals in the STOTT PILATES® library. STOTT PILATES® has been meticulously crafted based on the very latest in biomechanical research and cutting-edge thinking on health and fitness. Exercises and anatomical information is clearly laid out in text and images, and STOTT PILATES® manuals provide an excellent resource to return to throughout your fitness career.

Rigorous Examinations

STOTT PILATES® training is rigorous and consistent, with an extensive screening of both Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers in both written and practical exams.

Specialty Tracks

Certified Instructors can set themselves apart by becoming a specialist in the field of their choice. With eight Specialty Tracks to choose from, Instructors can earn Continuing Education Credits while gaining access to a new client base and broadening skill sets.

Instructors can choose from:

Rehab Focus

STOTT PILATES® offers courses for fitness, mind-body and health care professionals that delve deep into how STOTT PILATES® can complement rehab and therapy practices.

The STOTT PILATES® Rehab Program explores how to integrate modified STOTT PILATES® exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into a therapy or rehabilitation practice, while the STOTT PILATES® Injuries & Special Populations course equips fitness Instructors or those with a fitness background with the skills required to address a broad range of physical challenges in a client base.


STOTT PILATES® is recognized by a host of high-level industry bodies all over the world, including The Register of Exercise Professionals, the American Council on Exercise and canfitpro. Certified Instructors can earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) across all of Merrithew’s branded programming, including ZEN•GA®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™, Total Barre® and Halo® Training, maximizing training and development.

Locations Around the World

With over 100 training centers around the world, keeping your knowledge fresh and up to date — crucial in today’s fast-changing fitness industry — has never been easier or more accessible.