Carol Langdon

Yoga Instructor

Carol Langdon, Pilates Instructor at Core Fusion Pilates & Yoga in Southlake, Texas.

Sign Up for Classes Now!Hi, I’m Carol, ready to melt your stress away in Yoga class at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga! Let me tell you how I got started. In the late 1990s, I was juggling a busy calendar of social events with my husband, three children, and pets. I also had an intense career that required a three-hour commute to New York City, which left me desperately needing a physical outlet to bring some sense of balance to my life.

I was searching for a both social and solo physical activity to help me unwind, refresh, and protect my lower back from a prior gymnastics injury. Years of competition in that sport, swimming, and tennis had also taken a toll on my body.
Despite my athletic experience, I walked onto a yoga mat the first time with trepidation. But when class ended with savasana (a yoga pose), my stress literally melted away.

Yoga almost instantly made me feel happy, strong, and exhilarated. It silenced the chatter of my racing mind and restored peace and calm to my life.

I acquired a number of physical benefits too, which included flexibility, core strength, and balance.

Changed by this experience, I made yoga a part of my life. Today, I am thrilled to teach it at Core Fusion Pilates and Yoga.

Yoga teaches you to simply be present by listening to your body and doing what feels right for you. You get a break from the hectic nature of life, and the competition and judgment of work.

Yoga builds inner strength you can use both on and off the mat. You increase your flexibility, strength, and balance.

You’ll find me teaching Hatha, Power, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama, and NIDRA meditation.

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!

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