Catherine Chambers

Pilates Instructor in Southlake, Texas – Catherine Chambers

Why did you start practicing and decide to teach?

Sign Up for Classes Now!I started dancing at a young age and, after an injury, started pursuing movement that made me feel strong and capable. Yoga and Pilates gave me relief and allowed me to literally walk again. When living in New York City in 2016 and working a thankless desk job, I decided to pursue something that I loved rather than something I felt I was supposed to be doing. I found Anna at Balances Pilates NYC and completed a 500 hour Pilates teacher training in Manhattan. I want to give people what Pilates gave to me: the ability to feel capable, strong, and well.

What’s your personality?

I have two degrees from clown school — please don’t ask me to juggle — so as a teacher I like to be high-energy, encouraging, and a little silly, but relentless. If I’m tough, we will still be having a good time!

What’s your teaching style and approach?

I focus on your well-being and feeling good, without complacency. Pilates helped me heal, and I want the same for all my clients. If you’re feeling good, I will make sure you’re also feeling challenged!

Do you have a specialty or focus?

Scoliosis & osteoporosis, pre/post natal, various injuries

What is your underlying philosophy?

Everyone can do Pilates. It’s an efficient and safe method that helps every part of your body and focuses your mind. I’ll never tell you to “clear your mind” or “leave it at the door” because I want you to focus on what you can do, and maybe surprise yourself.