Claire Briggs

Pilates Instructor in Southlake, Texas –       Claire Briggs, Career Change: Successful Attorney to Pilates Enthusiast

Hi, I’m Claire Briggs and came across a new passion of practicing Pilates 10+ years ago during my previous life working in finance in London.  I had a successful but very stressful career and a friend recommended reformer Pilates to address my back problems!  I loved how strong and flexible Pilates made me feel but more than that I was amazed at the emotional and mental benefits, Pilates brought balance and calm to my otherwise hectic life.

Since then Pilates has always brought well being to my life especially in pivotal moments such as having children and when making the huge decision to move our young family to Texas. This not only meant leaving all our friends and family in England, but also me giving up my career to become a full time Mum.

Once both my children were in full time education, I explored options outside of a full-time corporate position. The studio owner where I was practicing encouraged me to become a Pilates Instructor and I loved the idea of helping others to discover Pilates and their own strength, plus the time to still be there for my family.  As luck would have it there was a STOTT PILATES (Merrithew) regional instructor training studio in DFW and so I signed up and here I am!

What clients will learn about me is that I am generally a very positive person and am always looking for ways to learn new things and improve myself.  I love meeting people and discovering new places and just generally experiencing life. I am pretty energetic, which is lucky with two small boys who keep me on my toes! Oh, and I love cooking!

Through my Pilates instruction I aim to get people moving and to help them feel strong and flexible. STOTT is a contemporary discipline but I also like to add athletic elements to my routines.

My philosophy on exercise is that everyone is different and you should do whatever makes you feel good. You don’t have to do the hardest and most challenging exercise, unless that is what motivates you, but exercising on a regular basis is the most important thing. I really love seeing people develop in their Pilates practice and being surprised by how much they can do.