EJ Madriaga

Pilates Instructor in Southlake, Texas – EJ Madriaga, Sports Injury Led to a Passion for Restorative Pilates and Functional Fitness

My name is EJ Madriaga and I’m excited to bring my knowledge to Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga. Here’s my story!

I moved to Texas in 2019 from the San Francisco Bay area. I’ve always led an athletic lifestyle from a young age that naturally led to my involvement in many different sports throughout childhood and high school. It wasn’t until I was injured in my senior season of basketball that Pilates was introduced into my life. Over a couple of months, through countless intense sessions, I began to tangibly experience restorative results. Pilates introduced the added aspects of health and longevity to my already existing passion for fitness. I was immediately intrigued and sought out the path of becoming a Pilates Instructor through the Qualified Fletcher Pilates Program in 2014, which included 500+ hours of hands on learning, classroom studying and practice teaching.

Clients will learn that I bring an enthusiastic work ethic and positive attitude into all that I do! As someone who equally values movement and exertion, my approach to training provides a range of dynamic exercises. With the strengthening benefits of functional fitness and the reformatory assistance of Pilates, I have recognized that joining the two together produces notable results and equips the body for doing more. I also enjoy the critical thinking aspect and I can be very detail oriented based on who I am working with.

My main focus is for clients at all levels to be able to exceed their goals and expectations without any pain or discomfort, whether that is as simple as picking up an object on the ground or being able to function at their highest level. In particular, I really enjoy working with athletes at all levels.

If you’re seeking a challenge with care, I strive to do just that. I aim to encourage and motivate my clients and fellow instructors to remain hopeful, healthy and resilient while having fun.