Maxine Chappell

Pilates Instructor in Southlake, Texas –   Maxine Chappell, from Step Aerobics Fitness to the Joseph Pilates Method

Sign Up for Classes Now!Hi, I’m Maxine and I am excited to be part of the Core Fusion team. I have always enjoyed being active and after Gin Miller developed Step Aerobics in 1989, I became an instructor and later a personal trainer through AFAA. I still love aerobic activity but my body began to show the wear and tear of the “go hard or go home” mentality. I took a Pilates class in the late 1990’s and sensed at once I wanted to know more. I received my 600 hour certification through PhysicalMind in 2000. I fell in love with how Pilates leaned out my muscles and allowed healing for reoccurring injuries.

I respect the Method developed by Joseph Pilates and at the same time, I like to have fun with different variations of the classical postures. I believe I have the gift of encouragement (as most instructors do!). If a student takes the time to show up to class to be on their mat or equipment, I want to find a way to help them feel successful. As an avid golfer, I love focusing on ways to make Pilates functional in all sports and activities for women and men.

I have always said my goal for clients and students is for them to be able to enjoy life physically and mentally. Working hard and having a good sense of humor and knowledge about how their body responds best, helps equip a student of Pilates and Yoga to be the best they can be.

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