Wendy Compagnone, Founder

Pilates Instructor in Southlake, Texas –   Wendy Compagnone, Founder with a Passion for Injury Recovery and Overall Wellness

Sign Up for Classes Now!Hi, I’m Wendy, the founder of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga and chief Pilates personal trainer at our Southlake, Texas facility. Necessity triggered my start in Pilates, but passion has transformed me into the instructor I am today.

It all started when I was younger and suffering from severe basketball injuries, requiring reconstructive surgery on my back and shoulders. I knew I needed rehabilitative exercise to get me back in my game, and eliminate the debilitating back pain.

Pilates was the answer. As soon as I started my sessions, I was in love. After a few short weeks, my pain was gone, and my entire body felt rejuvenated. Recognizing the astonishing benefits, I started training to become a Pilates instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer, and opened my first personal training business in my home.

Eight years later it was clear that my best work involved helping people dealing with specific physical issues and limitations, like I’d endured. To expand this niche, I approached Dr. Price at Premier Chiropractic about collaborating. The result was Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, which sits in the same building as Dr. Price’s practice.

I have been doing Pilates with Wendy since the onset of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga and they have not only kept me mobile, but have enabled me to walk up stairs and even climb a stool. I had not been able to do those things for ten years before. I am also becoming much more toned than I used to be. I lost some weight over a year ago and not a pound since, but people I see every month continually ask me how much more I’ve lost. I would give up almost every activity before I will give up Pilates.

Kathy Baird, Southlake, TX, Client since July, 2013

Since the inception of Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga, I’ve been working as a Pilates personal trainer with elite athletes, active and retired, particularly NFL players. I excel at helping people who struggle with arthritis, osteporosis, stroke side effects, and knee and hip replacements. My upbeat personality allows me to adapt my approach to any client, and I excel at making it fun and easy to stay motivated during Pilates classes.

I’d say inspiring people to overcome debilitating physical conditions is my main motivation. Nothing makes me happier than helping you feel great about your body and your life. When I’ve helped restore your body to where you can enjoy normal daily activities again, your satisfaction is my success.

My other greatest source of happiness is my family. My husband and I are proud parents to a daughter, who’s a high school senior, and son, sophomore at Oklahoma University.

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I have been working with Wendy for 1.5 years. The orthopedic suggested Pilates. My doctor suggested Pilates as a way to ease back pain and safely strengthen my core. I chose Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga because I have scoliosis and Wendy was very knowledgeable and customized a program for me. Each of the instructors demonstrates a personal interest in their clients and I love the small class size. I have gained strength and eliminated my back pain. Thanks to everyone at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga.

Linda, Southlake, TX, Client since January, 2014

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