Win Your Weight Loss Resolution for 2019: 5 Tips to Stick to Your New Routine

You have a weight loss resolution for this year and you know you’re going to make it! Finally, you’re going to figure out a sustainable way to cut calories, hit the gym regularly, and sculpt your body into the shape of your dreams. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons or look great for your June wedding, you’re revved up about achieving your goal and so are we. To help you make your 2019 weight loss resolution a reality, we’ve gathered five of our favorite accountability tips to keep you a winner.

  1. Become a Morning Person – One major reason people derail their workout goals is they run out of time during the day. They wait too late after work and then energy and a general lack of motivation take over. Instead of staying up too late and waking up at the last minute before throwing clothes on and grabbing that espresso drink, get up early before work and hit the gym, go for a run, or lift weights. Then, your evenings will be freed up for socializing, snoozing, or whatever makes you happy.
  2. Buddy Up – We’ve found no better way to keep you jazzed about following through on your weight loss resolution than picking a buddy to join you on the journey. Choose a friend with goals similar to yours and make them your accountability buddy. Go to the gym together, share successes (and setbacks) together, and help each other out when your motivation wanes.
  3. Stick to Your Program – Trainers at fitness studios develop workout programs for one reason: we know they work! But the other part of their effectiveness is the time and commitment you put into the program. With the help of your fitness buddy and a good instructor, you can do anything with a set routine that you strictly adhere to. For more information about weight loss programs, get started with us at Core Fusion today.
  4. Eat Clean Every Day – Depending on your current diet, you may need to make some major tweaks to your diet to get the most out of your weight loss resolution. By choosing whole foods, whole grains, and no added sugar or processed foods, you’ll enjoy less inflammation, more nutrients, and greater weight loss. Try seasonings like ginger, turmeric, siracha, and other herbs or spices to make meals flavorful while you’re giving the boot to old cravings.
  5. Search for Your Six-Pack – Although results will differ for all body types and fitness levels, the more effective you are the more you should start to see your abs appearing, especially if you are taking yoga and Pilates classes. If you don’t start to see the muscles you’d like to sculpt begin to emerge after several months, re-evaluate your program and your diet to see what you could improve.

Following through with your weight loss resolution is going to be a big challenge with many hurdles and successes. However, following these five tips will help your odds of achieving your fitness dreams. For classes, tips, and more info on weight loss programs, visit our website today.